R4816-4G IP Module

R4816-4G IP Module

The R4816-4G-IP MODULE consists of a standard R4816-IP MODULE with the plug in 4G Cellular card fitted. It is predominantly designed for cellular monitoring but can work as a wired Ethernet system as the primary reporting path with Cellular as the back-up path or as Cellular as the primary reporting path. It supports IP Monitoring and personal monitoring via text or emails.

Dual Path monitoring

Universal LAN to PSTN reporting module. Primary cellular or cellular back up function. Contact ID Monitoring. Personal SMS Monitoring. CSV, Patriot LS-30 & AAP Encrypted.

Technical Specification

The R4816-4G-IP MODULE converts Contact ID signals to data for monitoring over IP. The unit is fitted with an Ethernet port & a SIM module for Ethernet only, cellular only or backup cellular monitoring purposes, in the form of custom text or email messages. These include Mains failure, batter failure, zone activations, panic, fire, restores & more. Output control & 2 x input control via SMS. All information is programmed into the R4816-4G-IP MODULE ia a built in web browser. Allowing monitoring for new & existing systems to be programmed off site. The R4816-4G-IP- -MODULE alks directly to the desired monitoring station with no intermediate host and no ongoing hardware charges. Batter backed up from the alarm panel. Field updateable for future firmware upgrades. Primary Ethernet, primary cellular or cellular backup.