FW2 Outdoor PIR Camera

Two Way Wireless Outdoor Pir Camera


The FW2-PIR CAM Outdoor is a two-way wireless outdoor motion detector with a built-in CMOS high quality color camera and advanced VMD technology for reliable external visual verification.

Upon an intrusion event, or by homeowner demand, the FW2-PIR CAM send an alert and transmits a sequence of pictures to the Serenity™ control panel through TCP/IP or GPRS to the monitoring station or to your mobile phone (via CrowCloud™ mobile app).

The Serenity™ will report the alarm and send you pictures before the intrusion in your premises!

The FW2-PIR CAM Outdoor provides to your home the perfect solution for outdoor surveillance.


  • Supported by Serenity™
  • PIR Detector ASIC based
  • Coverage up to 15m
  • Pet immunity up to 25Kg
  • 2 Way communications
  • Powered with two 3V Lithium Batteries D size
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Extended Battery life
  • Configurable over the air from the Serenity™ control panel
  • Available in frenquencies 868MHz or 916MHz

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