NEO PIR-CRT - PIR Curtain Detector with Mirror Optics

Digital Quad PIR Curtain Detector with Mirror Optics


The NEO-PIR-CRT mirror curtain detector provides solid curtain coverage of max 8m length by 3m height.

The NEO-PIR-CRT may be used for perimeter protection by setting up detection “curtains” along walls, windows, skylights. It can also be used as internal invisible barrier.

The Mirror detector NEO-PIR-CRT use varifocal mirror that improves the focus and the level of energy received by the Pyro Sensor.

The electronic of the detector is optimized to virtually eliminate false alarms.


  • Digital Quad Curtain detection
  • High precision mirror optics
  • Selectable detection range (4-6m or 6-8m)
  • Slim and Elegant design
  • Height installation calibrations free
  • Easy access to terminal block
  • Tamper Open/Close transmission
  • Bi-Color LED indications
  • Temperature compensation

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