MRX 300 Platinum

The "MRX Platinum Series" offers a unique combination of varifocal mirrors, ASIC based electronics and durable enclosures for stable performance and reliability in various outdoor high security and CCTV applications.

The "MRX Platinum Series" includes unique triple technology sensors, combining twin dual element pyro sensors and microwave technology for ultimate stability in harsh environment applications.

Special "Triple Technology" Outdoor Detector for Extreme Conditions

  • Industrial grade polycarbonate housing and bracket for heavy duty installations
  • Twin Dual Element PIR & MicroWave Sensor
  • Tamper resistant bracket
  • Dual axis tilt sensor for full anti-vandalism protection
  • IP65 rated
  • ASIC based electronics for ultimate performance and stability
  • Greatest immunity against visible light and RFI EMI sources
  • Up to 20m (66ft) detection range
  • Totally hidden wiring
  • Exceptionally easy installation by simply tilting and locking the unit to the alignment requirements