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March 2015

Crow Cloud™

Crow is truly proud to announce the launching of the Crow Cloud™

Whether using a PC, a tablet or a smart phone, we use cloud services every day.

Now, the Crow Cloud™can help you manage your security system and home automation in a secure, reliable and accessible way.

You can enjoy the user friendly the Serenity Connect  App (available
Android - Google Play Store)  to pilot your Serenity Alarm and Home Automation panel anywhere, everywhere you have an internet connection.

The Crow Cloud™is based  on the Microsoft Azure technology .
The Crow Cloud™can reside anywhere in the world.
The control panels reside locally at the end-users’ homes and/or offices and use IP, GPRS or both to connect to the cloud. The GRPS communication of the panel is local even if the Crow Cloud datacenter located in another country.
The cloud  acts as a proxy that mediates between the various applications and the panels. For example, when the end-user employs his Smartphone app, the application connects to the Crow Cloud and the Crow Cloud connects to his panel. Data is then transferred between the panel and the Smartphone in real-time. Any change in the panel’s status will prompt the Crow Cloud to actively update the Smartphone.

Experience ultimate peace of mind and Serenity