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January 2019, Israel

Bezeq Enhances Enterprise Solutions with ULE Technology


Bezeq Enhances Enterprise Solutions with ULE Technology by Crow’s Group Systems Based on DSP Group’s Solutions.

Ground-breaking Ultra Low Energy technology will expand functionality for two-way voice communications.

San Jose, Calif., 7 January 2019DSP Group®, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG), a leading global provider of integrative wireless chipset solutions for converging communications, announced today that its proven Ultra Low Energy (ULE) technology produced by Crow Group will now power innovative enterprise solutions from Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunications Corporation. ULE is the most advanced networking technology, offering best-in-class range, lower power consumption as well as robust and secure RF channels. It supports two way voice, audio and video communication over the air. Based on a simple star topology, ULE requires fewer nodes compared with other mesh network technologies, hence reducing system, installation and maintenance costs.

“DSP Group is proud to lead the ULE revolution, we are excited to partner with Crow Group and build on ULE’s unparalleled technological advantages and low Total Cost of Ownership to deliver Bezeq an innovative system that is smarter yet cost effective. ULE continues to prove itself as the best in class technology for IoT in residential and business market segments and a unifying force in the automation combining superior range, collision free, real-time protocol enabling high fidelity data, voice and visual communications.” said Tali Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at DSP Group.

“The proven capability of ULE technology perfectly fits the products we offer enabling our customers a hassle-free service leveraging the simplicity of use, reliability, and costs. We are proud to partner with Crow and DSP Group to bring these innovative solutions to the market” said Yariv Bargil Head of Technology Innovation at Bezeq.

“ULE technology features an outstanding range and a real interference-free frequency band. DECT and ULE’s bandwidth, together with its voice and visual support, are the key factors enabling Bezeq and our customers to benefit from voice and visual verification," said Shmuel Melman, CEO and President of the Crow Group.

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