FW2 NEO Curtain Detector

Two Way Wireless Curtain Detector

FW2-NEO-CRT is the ultimate solution to protect glass walls, windows and doors by creating a mirror optics blocking curtain pattern with a user selectable coverage of 4-6m or 6-8m.

FW2-NEO-CRT is fully supervised low current Two Way Wireless PIR detector, including the advanced Freewave2™ Two Way protocol for secure and reliable system operation.

This motion detector has a unique ID code and includes APS (Automatic Power Saving) mechanism for extending battery life.

The advanced protocol of FW2-NEO-CRT includes series of messages for full communication administration (Supervision, Tamper, Low Batt.) as well as test transmission signals (Communication, Tamper Alarm).


  • Selectable curtain coverage 4-6m or 6-8m
  • Mirror Optics
  • Configurable over-the-air by the base station
  • Tamper switch protection: Front cover and Wall removable 
  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • Available in 868MHz or 916MHz frequencies 

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