DV-Cop Series

DV-Cop/CELL model with Cellular Communications.

The MemoCam DV-Cop series is a miniature DVR with integrated Video Motion Detection and Sleep Mode.
Records on removable mini SD/HD card up to 4GB.

DV-Cop is a portable, stand-alone DVR integrating sleep mode and advanced Video Motion Detection. DV-Cop doesn’t require daily maintenance, and draws only 10mA in sleep mode, making it ideal for extended battery-powered operations in remote sites without infrastructure.

Images are recorded onto a mini SD/HC memory card. DV-Cop currently supports up to 4GB memory.

DV-Cop/CELL with advanced cellular communications platform:

  • It sends SMS messages and e-mail with images attachment upon intrusion detection, for remote visual verification.
  • You can send SMS commands to trigger, configure and arm/disarm the unit in the field, for remote management.
  • DV-Cop series is Ideal for Home/Business, Monitoring Remote Sites, Monitoring Vehicles/Trains/Yachts and more:
    • Sleep mode enables extended battery operation
    • Small & mobile, easy to set up and use
    • Solid state device with no moving parts
    • No daily maintenance required
    • Images viewed on any PC/pocket PC
    • Convenient recording schedule
    • No need to invest in costly and elaborate system
    • Most trusted by law enforcement & government agencies