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December 2016, Las Vegas

ULE Alliance offers first ever multi-vendor

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ULE Alliance offers first ever multi-vendor

ULE interoperability demonstration at 2017 International CES

What: The ULE Alliance, a non-profit organization which drives the worldwide adoption of innovative ULE (Ultra Low Energy) wireless technology for IoT, is pleased to offer its first multi-vendor interoperability ULE Smart Home demonstration at 2017 International CES in Las Vegas.  The Showcase is your one-stop-expo of all things ULE innovation!

ULE Smart Home - proven simple and reliable

  • The ULE Alliance’s ULE Smart Home provides a first time ever multi-vendor demonstration with member companies; Crow, Dialog Semiconductor, DSP Group, Gigaset, Intel, Panasonic, SGW Global, and VTech Communications.
  • This interoperability showcase will provide an integrated application of ULE devices with a single hub for a seamless and reliable Smart Home experience, highlighting the ease in which a consumer can integrate new ULE products into their Smart Home, regardless of vendor.


  • The ULE Smart Home will be located at The Sands, Smart Homes Tech Zone, booth 42319

Tour and meet with ULE leaders in the booth

  • Guided tours
  • Interviews where you will hear about-
    • Market adoption and emerging markets
    • Surge and change in the makeup of ULE Alliance Membership- what is driving the excitement?
    • ULE Certification Success Stories and the timely release of
    • 6LoWPAN
    • How ULE Alliance is expediting the development of IoT energy solutions across the ecosystem
    • What is coming in Sensor technology and ULE networking solutions

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To set up a press or analyst briefing with the ULE Alliance leadership or a tour of the demonstrations, please contact .

About ULE Alliance:

The ULE Alliance mission is to assist its members in developing IoT solutions that build on ULE’s technological superiority in communication range, interference free operation, voice and video capability. The ULE Alliance has over 95 members, with founding and promoter members:  DECT Forum, Dialog Semiconductor, DSP Group, Gigaset, Intel, Panasonic and VTech Communications, and contributor member companies: Arcadyan, AT4 Wireless, AVM, Crow, Deutsche Telekom, RTX, SERCOM, SGW Global, and Turkcell.

The ULE Alliance is committed to ensure that ULE technology is the leading infrastructure and standard for home wireless networks, enabling a safer and more convenience lifestyle for everyone.

Please visit: @ULE_Alliance
Contact for media inquiries:

Laurie Adams
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Atlanta, GA USA
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ULE Alliance Secretariat
Roland Schmidt
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