CS47 Backup

Stand Alone Universal GSM backup unit

The CS-47 is designed to use as a backup system for the PSTN line. In case of PSTN failure, the CS-47 simulates a telephone line and in case of report from the control panel it transmits the events via the GSM to the central station or any private subscriber.


  • Universal operation with any control panel using contact ID
  • Easy programming via handset telephone
  • Easy and friendly programming and remote by a PC application
  • Based on quad band GSM modem
  • PSTN line supervision
  • GSM backup at PSTN line failure
  • Programmable SMS message
  • 4 programmable inputs for SMS support
  • 4 programmable outputs
  • Ignore PSTN line mode
  • Key switch input for Arm/Disarm unit
  • "No Signal" detection
  • Sealed Lead Acid 12V/1.3A Battery backup
  • Built in battery charger
  • Built in: Dial tone and Ringer generator, handset pick-up detection