Serenity™ Alarm System

Serenity™ is an amazing alarm system designed to fit on your wall like a piece of art


With Serenity™ you can enjoy the most exciting experience in security, convenience and control. The graphical display of the main unit and the keypad make customers daily tasks easy and centralized at their fingertip control.


Simple to learn and easy to use, the Serenity™ is powerful enough for any residential application including alarm, home automation and personal care via any communication path you choose.



    • 32 wireless and 2 hardwired zones
    • Supports up to 4 partitions
    • Available in 868Mhz, 916.5 Mhz frequencies
    • New graphic LCD display and Two Way wireless keypads  
    • Two way built-in wireless transceiver
    • TCP/IP Module
    • RFID reader in main unit and FW2-Keypad
    • Visual verification via pictures and video streaming
    • Built in Two way voice
    • Wide range of indoor and outdoor two way wireless devices
    • Optional GSM/GPRS communicator
    • Optional Wireless Output relay for home automation
    • Optional Wireless Repeater for range extension 
    • Event reporting to central monitoring stations (SIA & CID),  SMS messages, web applications, mobile phones & landline phones
    • External power supply
    • Designed to comply with EN50131 Grade 2

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